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operation nest begins!

July 16, 2021

After striking out at another paint store, we finally found paint! We plan on painting the floors, the walls, and the trim, and phasing out the gray to bring in warmer browns and mid-tones. I’m so excited about the new design. Let operation nest commence!

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dining spaces & nesting updates

July 12, 2021
Current dining room (before we removed the rug for the puppies!).

Nesting is officially kicking in as I round the corner to 35 weeks. Suddenly I want to paint everything and do every house project I can think of! I’m thankful for this kind of energy- it’s not how I usually feel! 🙂

My list so far:
-Redo the floors
-Paint the downstairs walls
-Move the bookshelf
-Paint the bedroom
-Rearrange and hang curtains in bedroom
-Purge clutter from cabinets

And I’m sure I will think of more! We headed to the hardware store today to get started but couldn’t even get a paint sample pot- surprisingly, they were out of everything! The stress of the pandemic has really taxed supply of everything, including housing renovation items. I wonder what we will be able to accomplish on my list in 5.5 weeks? 🙂