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so I’m in love with south asian textiles…

July 17, 2021

Shopping for textiles in Pakistan was probably one of the highlights of my travels. The color and richness of fabrics, the scarves, even the oldest of rugs- they made me want to bring all the beauty back home with me so I could share it with the rest of the world. Perhaps someday there will be a chance to do that, but for now these memories will have to serve as my inspiration. šŸ™‚


My very first vlog: Incredible Sweets in Islamabad, Pakistan!!

June 29, 2021

After many hours of learning and editing, Iā€™m so happy to announce my first travel vlog is live on YouTube!! In this vlog, I’m reviewing desserts in Islamabad in three different locations: the Burning Brownie in F-7, and Nocciola, and Funky Bake in F-11. This was so much fun to film, and I hope you enjoy it as well!